Tony Cantrell

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Tony Cantrell is the second-generation owner of Construction Cleaning Corporation (CCC). From age one to eleven the family opened cleaning companies and resided in Asheville, Winston-Salem, Spartanburg, Greenville, and Augusta Georgia. Tony started in the family business at age fourteen helping his father with evening janitorial projects. He returned to Asheville after high school and realized that Asheville is where he was meant to be. He worked as a parking valet and a Brunswick pinsetter mechanic to put himself through college. After college he installed and serviced steam and hot water boilers while continuing to work in the family business in the evenings.

Working alongside his father, Tony joined CCC full time in 1994. Having worked on hundreds of projects including multi-family housing, college campus buildings, custom homes, retail and office, and a vast number of medical projects, Tony has learned the many different facets that are involved with different cleaning applications. Having cleaned everything from an O’Reilly auto parts store to the final infection prevention clean in hospital operating rooms, Tony’s expertise covers the entire spectrum.

A widower and single father to two beautiful daughters ages five and seven, Tony has developed a balance of family and professional life, which benefits both his family and his career.