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procedures list

The focus of our Terminal Clean program is to meet the highest possible standards set forth by the hospital system and/or the culture testing lab.  The solutions we use are the very best available on the market.  We regularly rotate out our stock to maintain the current shelf-life of the product.  The air scrubbing equipment we use is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before each application.  Filters are replaced twice during the cleaning process.  All other tools and equipment used are cleaned and sanitized before entering the control area.

The first step in the process is to schedule all other contractors, sub-contractors, hospital personnel, etc. around the terminal schedule.  During the terminal clean process only CCC personnel are permitted in the control area.

We begin by opening all light fixtures, propping all doors open and sealing off all entrances to the area except for the staging area.

We then bring in our air scrubbers which will run for the entire duration of the process.  This is to insure no dust particles or microbial particles remain.

Air compressors are used to blow out all cracks, crevices, light fixtures, etc.

From this point on, all CCC personnel entering the control area wear full protective suits as not to contaminate the area after cleaning begins.

Everything from this point on is cleaned with the anti viral/bacterial solution.

  1. All electronic equipment, phones, computer screens and towers, medical monitoring equipment, etc. is meticulously cleaned and covered with plastic to protect them from the spraying process.
  2. All light fixtures are hand cleaned and then with the solution and then closed.  All air vents, return grills, dropped ceiling grid, smoke detectors, and anything else on the ceiling is hand cleaned.  All solid ceiling areas are hand wiped.
  3. Every item in each room from the curtains and windows to the furniture and medical stations are hand cleaned top to bottom.  All cabinet drawers are removed to allow for cleaning all sides as well as the inside of the casings.
  4. All floors are mopped with the solution.
  5. At this point all wall surfaces are completely wiped from top to bottom.

Steps 1 – 5 are then repeated.​

This procedure has proven to be effective in all areas used.

The only issues that arise are when we have to go into small areas with patient issues and cannot use our full complement of equipment or spray the area.Type your paragraph here.

6.  The entire area including all equipment, walls, furniture, floors, inside cabinets and drawers, etc. is then lightly sprayed with the solution.  A very fine tip is used to insure all areas are covered.  This must stay damp for 10 minutes in order to meet the requirements of the product.

7.  The air scrubbers, (which have been running for the entire process thus far), are left running for 24 hours.  The spraying process is then repeated.  After another 24 hours the spraying process is done for the third and final time.  The following day we go in and pull our air scrubbers out.  Cultures may be taken 4 hours later.Type your paragraph here.