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Millions of square feet cleaned including mall stores, retail outlets, custom homes, condominiums, medical facilities, retirement facilities, colleges, and more.

Major Projects:

Bovis Lend Lease:                245,000 sq. ft. hospital at Mission Hospital                                                                                                 

                                                212,000 sq. ft. Central Library at ASU                                                                                                       

                                                95,000 sq. ft. Childrens Hospital

Rodgers Builders                 385,000 sq. ft. Givens Estates Retirement Center                   

                                                225,000 sq. ft. Deerfield Retirement Center

BE&K                                      124,000 sq. ft. Women’s and Newborn Center

LeChase                                 225,000 sq. ft. Dorm at UNCA

Yeargin                                   110,000 sq. ft. Dining Hall at WCU

Beverly-Grant                       125,000 sq. ft. Hospital mixed use building                                 

                                                80,000 sq. ft. South College building

Breasfield & Gorrie              212,000 sq. ft. Cancer Center

Rentenbach                           80,000 Science building at UNCA

Samet Corp.                           285,000 sq. ft. Apartment complex

CF Evans                                 325,000 sq. ft. Apartment complex

Custom home builders:

  • Right Family Builders
  • Morgan-Keefe Builders
  • First Pisgah Associates

Up-scale Custom Homes:

  • Olin Limestone Mansion in Biltmore Forest
  • Blair house in Biltmore Park
  • Oreck house in Mountain Air

Final Infection Control cleaning provided to insure operating rooms, catheter labs, pre-op, post-op, endoscopy, oncology, and all other treatment areas are germ and bacteria free. 

Past projects