Your new or existing hospital or healthcare facility needs to get off to a clean, healthy start. CCC is equipped and experienced to perform occupancy, particle, terminal, and infection control cleaning on doctors’ offices, intensive care units, child birth facilities, and post anesthesia care units, as well as sub-sterile and sterile operating theatres. In short, we make sure every cubic inch of the newly constructed facility is germ and bacteria free and ready for patient occupation

At Construction Cleaning Corporation we know what needs to be done and how to get it done.  Our process begins with a complete compressed-air blowdown of all surfaces, corners, light fixtures, etc. to remove all residual dust. We use HEPA-equipped air scrubbers from start to finish to maintain air quality. All surfaces are then cleaned and re-cleaned with anti-viral and anti-bacterial solutions.  Our crews wear complete protective gear throughout the process to maintain a germ-free environment. When completed, we seal the areas and the leave air scrubbers in place for up to 72 hours so that infection control labs can take culture samples to check for growth of various bacteria.

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