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We work closely with contractors to help their clients realize their dreams by providing an exceptionally clean and healthy environment in which to live and work. We don’t just clean spaces merely for looks, we clean total environments so that they truly are clean and healthy to its occupants.

We use air purification units during the cleaning process to remove dust particulates from the air. We remove drawers and clean the insides of cabinet casings. By using a methodical approach of cleaning from the inside out of structures, we provide a very high level of precision cleaning.

We’ve done it all when it comes to construction cleaning. We’ve provided services for commercial, educational, homes, retail, residential and institutional complexes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical labs. We’ve provided infection prevention cleaning in homes and offices for clients with immune and respiratory issues. We also provide services for smoke and fire damage restoration, forensic cleanups, in-depth home cleaning, and much more.

Construction Cleaning Corporation is a trusted provider in the Western North Carolina region for some of the finest custom homes to the most critically important medical facilities.

We believe that living and working in an enjoyable and healthy environment means that those spaces have been constructed with care and purified from the inside out through precision cleaning.